Harley Quinn Costume in Suicide Squad

Ever since the latest trailer was released I’ve been waiting & waiting and waiting for a blog, or maybe even a journalist to point this out, but it hasn’t happened yet so I’m going to do it…

They shortened Harley Quinn’s shorts in Suicide Squad. At least they did for the more recent trailers (I haven’t seen the film yet). Was it a costume adjustment made during the reshoots? What was that conversation like? Or was it CGI? Did they deliberately go in and have an artist “fix” them this late in the game? 

I’ll leave it up to you to decide (and to discuss the implications of such a move) but everything else in the scene appears to be identical.



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DJ Snuggles presents THAT BEAT (Issue #3)

Issue #3 is the third release from DJ Snuggles‘ EP series entitled “THAT BEAT”.

Each “Issue” is a mini-project unto itself, showcasing some of Snuggles ‘ new and unreleased studio recordings, alongside experimental tracks, remixes, and instrumentals.

After the THAT BEAT series, DJ Snuggles will be entering the market with his first full length project.

#01. Jelly

#02. DRANK (Explicit Extended Version) feat. Metasota, Manchita, and Mike Mictlan

#03. Take Out (Intermission)

#04. Heaven & Hell (Explicit) feat. Verse

#05. Jacka Beat (Prophet Remix)
*Remix Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Prophet (with permission from James “DJ Snuggles” Logan II)

Executive Producer: James “DJ Snuggles” Logan II
Associate Executive Producer: Larry Lucio, Jr. for Amplified Life, Inc.
Art Direction: Katie Kroeck (for THAT BEAT)
Consultant: Reginald “Reggie Reg” Henderson (Soultools)
Consultant: Darius “Doc Dastardly” Crenshaw
Artist Management: Larry Lucio, Jr. for Amplified Life, Inc.