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ICONOCLASTS: Tutu + Branson (Sundance Channel)

In this original series, leading innovators and creative visionaries meet to discuss their passions and creative processes, providing an inside glimpse into the inspiration and motivation that made these iconoclasts who they are today.

Nobel-prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu devotes himself to ending injustice worldwide, fighting HIV and serving as an outspoken advocate for youth at risk. He’s also chairman of the Elders, a peacekeeping group that intervenes in conflict areas around the globe, established in part by Sir Richard Branson. Branson, Virgin founder, entrepreneur and renowned adventurer, pledges his time and considerable resources to environmental and humanitarian causes. Join these surprisingly playful spirits and extraordinary allies as they reveal their inspirations and shared belief in the power of the individual to change the world.

Click HERE to watch 3 video clips of the Tutu + Branson episdode!

The Sundance Channel came to St. Paul, MN to film Desdmond Tutu while he attended the 2008 PeaceJam Slam.  I work for the Upper Midwest affiliate of PeaceJam International so I was there during most of that portion.  Though I am not certain how much footage will make the final cut.

Peace, peace, y’all…

– Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

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