Amplified Life Podcast News

I recently completed recording of the first Amplified Life Podcast where I  interviewed the founder of The Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards:  David “DEPth Boy” Powell.  The interview was fun but we also got deep in to some serious topics.  We picked DEPth’s  mind to get at some of his trials and tribulations including the unfortunate and untimely death of someone very close to him.  Make sure you check out the show to hear about how he managed to prevail and go on to create both The Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards & the Lokal Celebrities Radio Show Podcast from scratch.  You might just be surprised to learn the truth about how these projects were conceptualized and executed as well as his vision for the future.

Also, we had a few surprise developments in the Sponsorship realm happen “real-time” during the LIVE recording of the show but to preserve the excitement, I can’t reveal them here.  But if you work with an inspiring recording artist, or are one yourself, let’s just say you do not want to miss the opportunity that presents itself near the end of the show.  I can’t wait for you to hear it.

After post production is complete we should be live on iTunes the first week of December.  Once it’s live we’ll post a reminder but I’ll tell you now, we’d love it if you would go to iTunes and SUBSCRIBE to the show (it’s FREE!) because only then can we get the “oh-so-very important data” from Apple about the number of downloads (for rankings, etc.) and other important logistical information that will help improve the podcast for our listeners.

The Amplified Life Podcast is written, produced, and hosted by Larry Lucio, Jr.

Strategic Partners for the show were as follows:

  • Co-Host:  DJ Snuggles
  • Sound Engineer:  Al Hill  (*assisted by Blast Productions)
  • Amplified Life Intern:  Emmanuel G. Rojas  (*also filmed the day’s proceedings)
  • Location Host:  Dave Horst of The Artists Quarter (Directions: HERE!)
  • Special Guests:  DEPth’s Wife & Emmanuel’s Brother
  • Official Sponsor:  Rivera’s Barber Stylist @ (651) 528-3862 & located at 945 South Robert Street, West St. Paul, MN  55118
  • Surprise Sponsor(s):  TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

I’d like to thank all of our partners for their generosity and dedication to this project.  We’re just getting started homies!

Amplified Life is celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary with a Party & Showcase at The Artists Quarter on January 10th, 2010.  It is open to the public so come down and meet all of the contributors to the show.


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life