Download Amplified Life: Unsung Heroes #01

You can now download the first episode of the Amplified Life podcast series, “Unsung Heroes” to any computer and portable media player in existence.  It features an interview with David “DEPth” Powell of the TC (Twin Cities) Hip Hop Awards and the Lokal Celebrities Radio Show.

We would prefer if you subscribed via iTunes but a direct download is required for now.  We’ll try to keep the links live around the clock.  Alternatively, the Amplified Life Podcast Page will provide a nice streaming experience with the option to download when it is finished.

AmplifiedLife: UnsungHeroes #01 Artwork

Amplified Life: Unsung Heroes #01 Artwork

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Special Thanks to Al Hill of In The Mix for the MANY hours of post production!

I’ve also included album art at the top of this post in case it gets lost in the download transition.

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– Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life