Traffic to quadrupled!

If you got an email and are looking for the Showcase details, scroll down a little or CLICK HERE.

Traffic to the site is growing exponentially day to day.  This is what we in the music business call “a good sign”.  I’m kidding.  But not about the numbers.  That is 100% accurate.

In addition to the avatars we posted yesterday, here are some shortened URL’s that we created especially for our supporters to use on social networks to save space.  Please note that these URL’s are CaSe SeNsItIvE so we suggest that you use “copy & paste” to limit errors and if you use them in a text message, take care to make it appear exactly as you see it below.

General Traffic  –

Event Traffic  –

Podcast Traffic  –

Word ’em up!


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

2 responses to “Traffic to quadrupled!

  1. Larry,
    I heard the tail end about Amplified Life this morning on MPR…do you work with juvenile facilities?

    • Hello Michele. Thank you so much for the interest.

      In fact we do work with juvenile facilities. For one of my clients youthrive, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and the Upper Midwest Affiliate of PeaceJam International, I coordinate a program called youthrive: LIVE! that tours a “G-Rated/Appropriate for All Ages” Hip Hop production through K-12 schools, colleges, and MN State Correctional facilities.

      The combination of age appropriate content and authentic Hip Hop culture has resulted in the program being very well received. With the enthusiastic support of the staff, we are able to visit Red Wing Correctional Facility on a regular basis and work directly with incarcerated youth.

      We recently performed for MNCASA’s Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence in St. Paul, MN and will also will be heading to San Jose, CA in March to headline the NYLC (National Youth Leadership Conference).

      If you are interested in contacting me you can reach me at: larryATamplifiedlifeDOTcom (sorry… I only type it out that way to make it more difficult for SPAM collectors to find my email address)

      Thanks again!

      Larry Lucio, Jr.

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