The Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards

The 4th Annual TC (Twin Cities) Hip Hop Awards were organized by David “DEPth Boy” Powell of High Society, Ink. and took place on Friday, January 22, 2010 at Historic First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.

My name is Larry Lucio, Jr. and Amplified Life is my consultancy. I have been active in my commmunity as an artist, organizer, event promoter, student, educator, activist, and consultant for more than 10 years. I volunteered to assist with stage management at the TC Hip Hop Awards so I happened to be on stage (and therefore standing directly behind the individuals involved) during the incident.

I have decided to share what I witnessed from my perspective for the sake of public record only. I have accepted no funds or other compensation for my humble contribution to the Awards Shows or my coverage on

The following is a recap of the ensuing incident from my perspective. I have included the works of others to assist in presenting the true scope of what occurred.


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

* 7th UPDATE BEGINS… * (as of 01/26/2010 @ 6:33pm CST)

Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune wrote a great recap about the progress thus far, made behind the scenes, by the parties involved in the TC Hip Hop Awards incident.

You can see the post here:


2nd Star Tribune Article by Chris Riemenschneider

* 6th UPATE BEGINGS… * (as of 01/25/2010 @ 10:30pm CST)

DEPth, the founder of the TCHHA, has got his own update and recap in the form of a Podcast, here: Lokal Celebrities Radio Show

Personally, I advise you to get the Podcast from iTunes for a nice, integrated experience, where you can subscribe for free automatic updates. Here is the link:


* 5th UPDATE BEGINS… * (as of 01/25/2010 @ 8:00am CST)

The City Pages released a bit of a wrap up this morning. They too quoted this recap but went a step further and collected comments from Boima, DEPth, and FranzDiego.

It’s a well written article by Andrea Swensson. You can click on the image to open a legible screen grab of the page or read the article for yourself on by clicking here: * …5th UPDATE CONCLUDES. *

City Pages Article about TCHHA by Andrea Swensson

* 4th UPDATE BEGINS… * (as of 01/24/2010)

Somebody posted another video on YouTube. This one is a lot longer and a little more clear since it was taken from the stage.

NOTE: I didn’t shoot any footage of the fight. All of the content, starting with the first update, was provided by visitors to or culled from the web. The TCHHA is not my event. I’m just reporting because nobody else was able to do it by the time rumors started flying. Also, I’m friends with DEPth so I volunteered to be the stage manager. I’ve been contributing to the Hip Hop community for over 10 years. What I do, I do for my community. So if you have any negativity coming my way, think twice because you’re wasting your time. I don’t get down like that. I’m a businessman. Check my record. Ask around. I’m not the one. * …4th UPDATE CONCLUDES. *

* 3rd UPDATE BEGINS… * I spoke to DEPth and he will be releasing THE OFFICIAL statement and response from The TC Hip Hop Awards here on by Monday, January 25, 2010. Don’t believe what you read elsewhere until you hear what the man himself has to say. If you have any questions for DEPth & the TC Hip Hop Awards, please feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will pass along any appropriate (as deemed by me) questions. * …3rd UPDATE CONCLUDES. *

* 2nd UPDATE BEGINS… * Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune (MN’s largest Newspaper and one of the top 20 largest newspapers in the nation with a readership of 1.3 MILLION weekly) quoted my recap in his blog coverage. You can see the post here: *…2nd UPDATE CONCLUDES. *

* 1st UPDATE BEGINS… * I believe KNOW was the first place, anywhere, to get video of the incident. For credit to be given where it is deserved, I have to extend I’ll start by reiterating a HUGE THANK YOU to username: Billy Blanks (aka YouTube username: TheWhoa911) for providing me a link to the very first video documenting the fight (other clips may exist but as of 01/24/2010, they are NOT online).

I’m pretty sure I also KNOW I was the first to write about it publicly because I stayed up ALL of Friday night and spent 6 hours uploading & editing things right after the event (until 5AM). also made a great statement via Facebook Saturday afternoon which got picked up and shared around the net. Now I know the story is going to be picked up by other bloggers but if a writer with the stature of Chris Riemenschneider can give Amplified Life credit in the Star Tribune for being out front, bloggers can too. It’s just ethical. Don’t post the info I spent hours collecting like you didn’t read it here.

First let me warn you that the imagery in the video is very violent. I also need to apologize for the racial epithets being hurled about by the people captured in the video. I know many of us refuse to ever say these words period, and therefore it pains me to bring it to your eardrums. I thought twice about approving this because it just suddenly appeared in the comments section at, and we don’t condone this stuff. We work with youth and it sends the wrong message. But there is way too much hype surrounding this thing… So before it gets any further out of hand, I wanted to use my platform for some good and share it with the community. Now, you can see that nobody but DEPth (who tried to calm the other guy) thought Boima was for real. Everyone, except for DEPth, just stood there watching him as if nothing was wrong. Me too (even though I didn’t get involved). I’m in the middle near the DJ table wearing the fedora and you can see me right in the middle of those two before stuff hit the fan. Decide for yourself…


Larry Lucio, Jr. of


ORIGINALLY POSTED at 5:18AM CST on Saturday, January 23, 2010 by Larry Lucio

I had casually been consulting with DEPth on the TC Hip Hop Awards Show since BEFORE the first one back in 2006. At the time, we were having success with the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop so I was eager to share the lessons I had been learning. DEPth and I had talked about me stage managing since 2006 but I never had the chance to really do it because I was out of town or committed elsewhere.

For the record, I only signed on to Stage Manage the Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards in an official capacity, the day before the event… That’s how these things go sometimes. You either roll with it or not. I chose to roll with it and I stand by that decision.

Conrad's (First Avenue's Stage Manager) Clock

Time is money. And although tonight got off to a rough start in that regard, by the time of the “incident heard around the twitterverse”, we actually managed to be AHEAD of schedule. That’s right… Things were going VERY WELL before it was ruined for a lot of people, by a few bad people, making a few bad decisions.

We were forced to start the event a little late because several presenters failed to show up. I hope they were safe, considering the weather was bad, but if they flaked out then that’s just uncool. I spent my entire night from that point on doing math (literally) and trying to take corrective action to keep the event from derailing and getting too far behind schedule to finish it right, the way DEPth wanted it done.

Luckily Toki Wright graciously bailed the first presenter out & filled in for us. Even I (Larry Lucio) got up there with my clipboard and did one. Actually… I think I did two awards. I think… I know I gave the Best Radio Show Award to Peter Parker as scheduled but I think I was out there for something else too. It’s all a blur. I’ll have to get some video. I was so stressed I can’t even remember what I did with any accuracy.

This year I was determined to pitch in and be present. So that’s what I did. I got there before doors opened and quickly started “making the rounds”. I saw a handful of the homies, and then made my way backstage to start dealing with the flood of people trying to get past security and “hang out” near the performers.

When the incident broke out, I had my head down, staring blankly at’s iPod. We had JUST plugged in a cable and were waiting for Boima to finish killing time so Illuminous 3 could take the stage. All of a sudden, I heard Boima’s voice get louder and louder. He was yelling to anyone who would listen to “get this —– off the stage”. Now if you had been watching Boima all night, you would not have been able to discern whether or not he was serious or joking. Apparently he was serious. Dead serious.

Then a fight broke out. Boima and this other dude started throwing blows. I took a few steps back. Then other people rushed the stage and knocked my papers over along with the HUGE table they were resting on. Again I stepped back. But the stage was filling up…. FAST.

When I saw some dude pick up a bar stool and whip it at my head for NO APPARENT REASON, I knew this was way beyond a man-to-man fight. People were taking the opportunity to act a fool. Luckily I dodged the bar stool like George Bush dodged that shoe. Mostly I was just trying to make sure’s iPod was safe. Amidst all the chaos, focusing on that small responsibilitiy kept me focused and professional. At the incident’s peak of insanity, I was holed up in Greg’s mic control area, perched high above the stage-left entrance. It occurred to me that I should take my camera out and film this whole thing, but I couldn’t bring myself to stoop that low while such a horrible thing was happneing. But I’ll say this, I hope someone did film it so we can see how that situation escalated, from a simple bit of arguing, to a full fleged BRAWL… on the stage… at Historic First Avenue.


The Newly Renovated Dressing Room at First Avenue (note: things were peaceful at this point)

Lastly, I’ll say that I will stand by DEPth. At least until this thing gets addressed and the details get fleshed out. He wasn’t in the fight. He didn’t throw a single blow. It was not his fault. At least no more than anyone else who was in attendance.


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

16 responses to “The Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards

  1. What about kiddricc the million dollar kid who punched a female in the mouth prior to this brawl did anyone get that on tape?

    • to “w.a.w.b”. –

      That is horrible but I didn’t hear anything about it. Are you saying that you witnessed this? Or did you hear it second hand? Can you get any more information or share what details you do know Because that is a very serious accusation you are making AND a very serious problem if MDK/Kiddricc did it.

      Thanks for commenting on



    • hmmm… i’ve been called many things in my life. but never a loser. you are poorly informed.

      first off, why did you use as your website? why the fake email address? why the anonymity?

      secondly, i found your comment to be simple minded and ill-conceived but i approved it anyway. why? because what i’m attempting to do with this post is present things with a spirit of journalistic integrity. maybe you are just jealous that i got coverage by a publication that reaches more people in one week, than you will ever reach in your entire lifetime?

      i really don’t know but dude, dude, duuuude… it’s MY website.

      besides. the shamless self promotion is in the 1st update.

      what i did by posting the 2nd update was to share, “NEWS“.


  2. I was standing next to her, she was by the red carpet…she walked around all night with ice on her lip. The police were called, check with 1st ave staff, Peter Parker, even the promoters. Check KiddRiccs twitter, he claims he apologozed to her. It is funny nobody is spesking on this

  3. To “w.a.w.b”. –

    I believe you. That is very unfortunate.

    This site is my business homepage and normally I wouldn’t post things like the fight here.

    The only reason I did was because it “happened to me”, to a VERY limited degree (because I was right there), and because I could share that VERY limited experience first hand.

    I agree that people should address both. I will encourage DEPth to mention it in his upcoming podcast recap of the TCHHA but if you feel that this is something that deserves more coverage, I encourage YOU to be that voice.

    Collect and share as much info as you can about that incident like I did with this incident. I will post it here if you don’t have your own website or the media doesn’t acknowledge your efforts.

    Thanks for commenting on



  4. I heard from a reliable source that it was NOT Kiddricc who was involved with the assault on a woman.

    For what it’s worth, I know him personally and he is a good dude. He has always shown me the utmost respect and he interacts with people very fairly.

    He’s an ambitious young man with the talent & work ethic to back it up.

    I acknowledge that a woman was assaulted at that event but I cannot condone the accusation that it was Kiddricc who committed the act.

  5. please look on kiddriccs facebook where his own friend says he witnessed kidricc “smack” a woman rightfully so, for throwing a drink on him. so which is it??

    • Ok. Thank you.

      I will look in to that when I get some free time. I also intend to ask him about it personally.

      In the future, can you please include links to the things you see so I (and other who read this) can go right to it? That would be helpful.



  6. also if you want to speak to the female she has the recorded conversation where kiddricc called her about the asault…hmmmm check your sources

    • Yes. I would be willing to speak with her, but depending on the legal implications regarding state and federal laws about recoding telephone conversations without the consent of the 2nd party, I may not be willing to listen to the message, or share the contents of that call. She may want to be careful about how she chooses to handle that recording. I’m not an attorney so don’t take my word for it. Just be careful that you don’t get in trouble.

      But I don’t think simply speaking with her would be a problem for any of us.

      Again, I’m not sure that this is the best forum to be having a discussion of this magnitude (the accusations are far more serious than what went down on stage) but I will do it, IF YOU, will help me to facilitate an honest and open dialog.

      I’m not out to crucify him or discredit her, but if nobody is talking about it, and you believe it deserves the coverage I will provide the forum.

      But at some point we will need to get his opinion and input on the situation. It wouldn’t be ethical to limit his ability to defend himself against what are still, to be honest, only accusations. I’m sure you know by now where my head is at though. I’m doing my best to be fair.

      Take care…



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