youthrive: LIVE! in Madison, Wisconsin

youthrive: LIVE! artists, DJ Snuggles and Jerón Mariani, performed in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday, January 31st, 2010.  youthrive represented with a strong team that also included Me (Lucio), Rachel, Heather, and Donna (our ED).

We were in Madison to present at Wisconsin Youth Company’s 11th annual showcase of youth arts and performance, Celebrating Youth!, where we were positively overwhelmed by the number of people who stopped by our booth to say hello.  If only a fraction of the organization’s we met, reach out to us, we will have a very busy year.

Rachel and I would like to take credit for ushering that high volume of foot traffic to the youthrive booth, with our commanding  yet knowledgeable delivery of our organization’s programming details, uh… but we cant.  We have to give it up to Snuggles and Jeron for giving 2 breathtaking performances.  One of which was at the community stage overlooking Lake Mendota.

The building where we performed, Monona Terrace designed by legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was bustling with over 5,000 area young people.  The local ABC television affiliate, WKOW, also covered the event (links to video & opens in a pop-up window) which contributed to the great turnout.

Thank you to Mariah Miller & Illana Caplan for hosting us and thanks to the young people of Wisconsin for showing us love.


Larry Lucio (Program Coordinator – youthrive: LIVE!)

Jerón Mariani on the Harmony Stage in Madison, Wisconsin

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