Happy Birthday DJ Snuggles

Amplified Life would like to send a Happy Birthday out to DJ Snuggles.

DJ Snuggles in Madison, Wisconsin for youthrive: LIVE! Performance

Snuggles has been the key to more than one facet of our business for many years and we want him to know he is appreciated.

Not only for the talent that he possesses but for the man that he is.

DJ Snuggles' Captive PeaceJam Slam audience @ Metro State University

We’re popping a digital bottle of of dumpster juice for you right now.  Since we can’t remember exactly how old you are, we took a peek at your bio.  Looks like we’re saying happy 18th birthday.  For the 3rd time.  Or 4th.  We can’t remember.

DJ Snuggles Beatboxing at Metro State during a youthrive: LIVE! feature

Peace brother,

Larry the Life Amplifier

DJ "Bad Santa" Snuggles

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