The Larry Lucio Scholarship

The Larry Lucio Scholarship was established in September of 1997, in recognition of the outstanding commitment that one of our own Humboldt High School graduates has had with our community, families, and Humboldt High School.  Please visit the official website at:

In order to apply for the Larry Lucio Scholarship for the 2011-2012 school year you must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior from Humboldt High School, Guadalupe Area Program, Edison High School, Southwest High School, Harding High School, Henry Sibley High School, Roosevelt High School, Washburn High School, Highland Park High School and El Colegio Charter School.
  • Have demonstrated community service and participation.
  • Have been accepted to a higher education institution.

You are encouraged to request assistance in filling out this application from your school counselor, parent and/or community agency.

Applications will be accepted until June 4, 2012  (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Please mail completed applications to:

José Santos, Jr. 
227 Colfax Avenue North
Suite #130
Minneapolis, MN 55405

They will be awarding Larry Lucio Scholarships this year in early August 2012. is the website of Larry Lucio, Junior., so we’ve included this information as a convenience to those looking for information on the scholarship founded in the name of his father, Larry Lucio, Senior

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