Paul Yutaka – Fair Game (Music Video)

Check out this video by my friend Paul Yutaka Fischer.

Paul is the man behind both Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop videos AND the youthrive “Testimonials” clip from 2009.  He and his partner on those projects, Mike Forstein, do great work so I’m happy to see Paul turning the camera on himself.

*Update #2:  I changed the banner for 10.10.10, so Paul is no longer in the banner.  You can see the old banner below…

The "Old" Banner

*Update #1:  As I was posting this entry, I was reminded that Paul Yutaka is actually at the top of  That is him in my banner.  I created that many months ago and didn’t give much thought to who was in it, but now this post makes that relevant again…  So, from Left to Right:  Paul Yutaka Fischer, Mike Forstein, Frederick Huballa, and Me (Larry Lucio).

Below are the aforementioned links of videos Paul did for me in the past.  They’re a few years old now but still stand up against time…

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