Amplified Life’s April 2011 Update

youthrive Leadership Team

Supporters –

Amplified Life’s six-year strategic alliance with St. Paul based 501(c)(3) nonprofit youthrive, continues to be a rewarding and fruitful partnership.  PeaceJam 2011 was a great achievement and a successfully executed event, but more importantly, it also marked the first time we officially participated as “Amplified Life“.  This simply means that in years past, the work was credited to Larry Lucio as an individual.  While this is a very minor detail, it’s a relatively critical growth indicator of our continued development.

Now that we have completed our annual work on PeaceJam, easily the busiest time of our calendar year, we are taking some time to work on mundane but critical investments like web logistics.  We have done the best we could with what we’ve had for a very long time, but we are rapidly, and happily, outgrowing our current infrastructure.

Finally, Amplified Life is hard at work proactively investigating working relationships with new clients (educational institutions, organizations, artists, etc.).  There’s nothing “official” to announce yet, but we thank you for your continued support, and look forward to sharing further updates in the future.


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

President Oscar Arias speaking at Rondo

See More Perspective on stage at Rondo for PJ '11

PeaceJam participants - Dance Circle

youthrive Leadership Team presenting a Service Project

youthrive Leadership Team with President Arias

The only shot I managed to get with President Arias at this event because I was so busy...

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