Week 1 of Freedom School 2011

We completed our first week of Freedom School at Stadium View today.

  • Danami is teaching the Writing Class and PC is the instructor for the Production Class.
Danami at Freedom School 2011

Danami at Freedom School 2011 - CLICK TO SEE MORE PHOTOS

You can check out more photos by clicking the image of Danami above!

Now, you may ask yourself, “Where are the students?”.  There is an explanation.  Since we are inside of a correctional facility, we are not permitted to capture images of the students.  The school staff occasionally do videos with the faces  of students “blurred out“, but to be safe, we are not even going to try.  We will not be taking a single shot of the students for the duration of the program.  We want to come back so we are complying with site policy…

But trust me, the students are there (out of frame), they are engaged, and they are doing a great job.  We have a few more weeks left and then we’ll wrap up the summer with a blow out performance featuring students, staff, and special guest performers.


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life / youthrive: LIVE!

PC - Freedom School 2011 at Stadium View Day 3 of Week 1

PC at Freedom School 2011 - CLICK TO SEE MORE PHOTOS



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Amplified Life Supports Tornado Relief

North Minneapolis Tornado Fundraiser June16

Amplified Life is supporting the North Minneapolis tornado relief effort!

After being invited to contribute to numerous projects, we felt it would be most effective to donate our time to a fundraising show that will directly benefit the Neighborhood HUB.  More specifically, we assisted The People’s Collective with production by providing consultation leading up to the event and we will also be stage managing more than 20+ performances on-site at the fundraiser (6/16).

We’re also doing our part by spreading the word.  So if you can’t make it, consider sharing this information…


Larry Lucio of Amplified Life (CLICK TO SEE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE)

Amplified Life LOGO