Danami Finds Success with Innovative Fundraising Campaign

Experience Creating An Album With Danami

We have exceeded our goal and raised 110% of what we set out to achieve.

Thanks to everyone who supported the succesful Kickstarter campaign: Experience Creating An Album With Danami


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

Screen Grab of our "Funding Successful" Notification from Kickstarter

Press Release:

Kickstarter, an online funding platform, has helped creative people progress in their careers. Danami is one of the many bright artists using new age technology to raise funding. On August 29th 2011, Danami launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,000 in 60 days concluding on October 29th, 2011 for his sophomore album, Delayed Gratification. His project was successfully funded 12 days before the campaign ended. 75+ people contributed to this campaign and ultimately surpassing the goal by 10%, resulting in more than $3,300 raised.

When asked about reaching his goal Danami said, “It’s says a lot to successfully raise over $3,000 in this economy. Some of the individuals that pledged to my campaign only know of me from the internet. For them to reach in to their pockets and give, means they not only love my music, but they believe in me & my music. I am grateful.”

Originally from Detroit, Danami moved to Minnesota in the fall of 2007 to attend college. Since his arrival, he has been a fixture in the Hip-Hop community and has performed with Twin Cities’ renowned artists like Toki Wright, Dessa and Sims and Heiruspecs. Combining witty lyrics with conceptual driven songs, Danami creates music that is relatable, a sound that is both distinct and appeals to a broad audience.

Delayed Gratification is schedule for a release in 2012.

– TeamDanami

For More Info Visit DanamiOnline.com

October 29th was the last day to pledge

Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011


The media coverage thus far has been pretty lame, full of anecdotal stories about Steve Jobs, stories true Apple fans have already heard a million times. These stories have tended to be gross oversimplifications. The videos below are my way to let him speak in his own words. Mr. Jobs is a truly inspirational speaker. Watch the Stanford clip to be inspired and then watch the Bill Gates interview to see him at his most thought provoking. Most media outlets are playing “clips” from these videos but they are honestly worth watching in their entirety.

Apple products helped me get organized so I could make a living chasing my dreams.

Thanks for the tools Steve,


iPad Screen Grab of Apple.com/SteveJobs

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (below)

Here is a link to the Steve Jobs & Bill Gates Interview on All Things D (Parts 1-7)

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates at D5

Here are the individual parts of the D5 Video via YouTube (below)

Steve Jobs D5 Session Photo

Steve Jobs D5 Session Photo

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Session Photos

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Session Photos

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Session Photos

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Session Photos

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Screen Grab from Apple.com/SteveJobs