DJ Snuggles presents Drank feat. Metasota, Manchita, and Mictlan


DJ Snuggles releases Drank featuring Mike Mictlan (Doomtree), Metasota, & Manchita (GRRRL Party)

Minneapolis, MN, USA – April 03, 2015

After earning his stripes in beatbox battles across the United States, and then paying his dues touring around the globe to perform innumerable live shows at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals, DJ Snuggles has continued to collaborate with diverse artists on and off the stage to bring his fans more highly anticipated studio recordings.

Next up, Snuggles presents his latest single Drank, from the third entry in his four part EP series: THAT BEAT.  Featured guests for this amazing track from THAT BEAT (Issue #3) include Mike Mictlan of Doomtree, Metasota, and Manchita of GRRRL PARTY, with production duties handled by Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Snuggles himself.

Contact Snuggles online:  @itsDJSnuggles  /  /

Management:  Larry Lucio, Jr. for Amplified Life, Inc. at (716) 525-8246 /




Hit the link to hear an Extended Version, the Instrumental, and the main unedited (NSFW) version:

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