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Thanks for all your positive feedback regarding the podcast and for thank you for the RSVP’s to the Showcase.  It sounds cliché but it means so much to hear that our work is enjoyed.  If you know me, you know I am sincere.

Now… if you were kind enough to grab the show in iTunes, please don’t forget to rate the show (5 stars if you like it,  maybe 3 if you think it needs work but believe it defintely doesn’t suck, and 1 star if we should just quit while we’re ahead).  This is so that other listeners who find our show in iTunes can get a feel for the quality.

Ratings have a substantial effect on an individual’s impulse to listen.  I also believes it colors the listening experience for those who come after you.  We’re fortunate to have a perfect 5 star ratings so far, but if we had only 1 star, the people who come along and see that are not going to even listen to it.  And if by some miracle they do listen, they will be thinking all along about the low rating.

Enough of that…  I wrote this because our website traffic doubled today and I wanted to say thank you for that as well as let y’all in on the fun (that is if you consider marketing fun).

FUN PART ONE:  I made a 50 x 50 pixel icon for Facebook & Twitter that you can download and use to modify your avatar for the next week.  That would be great!

01.10 - 50 x 50

FUN PART TWO:  I’ve been using black for the 3 months leading up to the gig, and now I’ve switched to the red for the final 3 weeks.  But you are welcome to pick & choose or even tweak your own color.

FUN PART THREE:  We also have the online flyer here that you can use as a MySpace avatar or even better, send out to your email lists.

AmplifiedLife.com Q1 Showcase Flyer Rough Draft #01.12392009

Spread the Word!

Don’t forget, I refuse to allow financial restrictions to be a factor in people not coming out.  With a $5.00 USD cover charge, you can see this is not a venture with the pursuit of capitalism as the primary motivating factor.

That said, if you can afford $5.00, please pitch in.  You’re dollars will go towards supporting the podcast and the next installment of the Amplified Life Showcase.

Now if you can’t afford the contribution or are a member of  the media, please contact me right away.  You don’t have to get specific but please just RSVP to me directly and I will put you on the guest list.  Bring your whole family…  I got you covered.

Thanks for reading!


Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life