DJ Snuggles

Larry Lucio, Jr. is proud to announce that as of January 2013, we’ve re-signed DJ Snuggles to an exclusive Artist Management agreement with Amplified Life, Inc.

You can book Snuggles by calling Amplified Life at (716) 525-8246 or emailing booking(@)djsnuggles[.]com


DJ Snuggles on tour with Brother Ali in EUROPE

DJ Snuggles Bear Logo

Visit Snuggles online:  |  Facebook  |  @itsDJSnuggles  |  YouTube  |  ReverbNation

DJ Snuggles: A World-Class Act

DJ Snuggles photo shoot with Julian Murray

Snuggles, still in his teens at the time, won the global beatbox battle at Scribble Jam in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was his first try.  To put that in perspective, MC’s of the highest caliber, such as Eminem, have competed in the MC battle at Scribble Jam over the years and lost.

#LAAB – Sean Anonymous feat. DJ Snuggles – “Seat’s Taken”

DJ Snuggles Voice & Sound Work for the video game JAM PARTY


DJ Snuggles in FINLAND

DJ Snuggles at Glastonbury Festival in ENGLAND

DJ Snuggles in SWITZERLAND at Openair Frauenfeld

DJ Snuggles in THE NETHERLANDS at Metropolis Rotterdam

DJ Snuggles in DENMARK at Roskilde Festival (largest North European music festival) [View from Back]

DJ Snuggles in DENMARK at Roskilde Festival  2010 (largest North European music festival) [View from Side]

DJ Snuggles - Haircut Angle


DJ Snuggles in NEW YORK CITY at Highline Ballroom

DJ Snuggles at Sasquatch Music Festival in WASHINGTON

DJ Snuggles WINNING Scribble Jam 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio

DJ Snuggles - Photo by Julian Murray


DJ Snuggles Music Video Teaser

DJ Snuggles Beatboxes in Uptown  and|or   DJ Snuggles Beatboxing in Minneapolis, MN

DJ Snuggles & Brother Ali Tour Teaser Advertisement

DJ Snuggles rendition of Kanye West’s “Say You Will”

DJ Snuggles audition footage for a TV Commercial

DJ Snuggles - State Fair Mixtape Album Art


DJ Snuggles at the Minnesota State Fair GRANDSTAND

DJ Snuggles photo shoot with Julian Murray

Click HERE for more DJ SNUGGLES

DJ Snuggles - Julian Murray Photo Shoot

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