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youthrive: LIVE! was founded in 2007 when Larry Lucio, Jr. joined the team at the St. Paul-based 501(c)(3) non-profit youthrive.  Lucio had recently moved to youthrive from his position at Minneapolis-based 501(c)(3) non-profit YO! The Movement, where he successfully founded a massive project that ran for 7 years called The Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop.  At the time, The TCCHH, a three day music conference held at increasingly larger sites around Minneapolis and affectionately known as “The Hip Hop Fest“, was one of the most attended Hip Hop Festivals in the United States, and was a precursor to events that soon followed, such as Soundset and the Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards.

“When I got to youthrive, the first thing I did was to espouse the impact of music-related programming and more specifically, Hip Hop culture-oriented activism” says Lucio.  “It was immediately evident that I was in the right place, with the right people.  Donna Gillen (youthrive’s executive director) and the entire youthrive team embraced these concepts.  It was thrilling.  They had the guts and the vision to utilize Hip Hop authentically as an engagement tool, but more importantly, the leadership necessary to find the resources to fund it.”

The program started as a local venture in October of 2007, as an assembly for the students of North High School in Minneapolis, MN.  The goal was to raise the interest of students and to help them prepare for the imminent arrival of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  The first show was a huge success and the program started to grow rapidly.  It far exceeded our wildest expectations, and eventually led us to headline the National Youth Leadership Council in San Jose, California.  We believe youthrive: LIVE!  has grown to become one of the most respected art-education vehicles in the Midwest, as well as one of the most important art-based educational resources in the country.


youthrive: LIVE! with students in Mankato for MADD/SADD Conference (Left to Right: 3 Students, DJ Snuggles, Maria Isa, Larry Lucio, heatherlyn, and Jason)

You can find upcoming youthrive: LIVE! event dates here and get more information by calling (651) 224-3066.  youthrive welcomes booking inquiries for events and conferences of all shapes and sizes.  Over the last 4 years, we have developed a highly efficient infrastructure that scales extremely well.  This agile system allows us to quickly book site visits and confirm artists, sometimes within less than 24 hours from point of first contact.  Give us a call.  We look forward to facilitating a professional production and partnering with your site’s point person to deliver a well thought out execution of your organization’s creative vision.

If you are curious about our work, we encourage you to Google us (or reach out to any of our partner sites below for personalized recommendations).

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2011 – >

  • 06/09 at Harding High School for the Community Education Awards & event featuring heatherlyn and Hypel
  • 04/30 for PeaceJam 2011 with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica
  • 04/21 at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato, MN for MADD/SADD Conference
  • 04/07 at the AWARE Awards – Accepted an award from MNCASA for our work to prevent sexual violence
  • 04/08 at J.J. Hill featuring DJ Snuggles (*facilitated by y:L!)
  • 04/05 at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis

2010 – >

  • 11/13 at the University of Minnesota for PeaceJam SLAM
  • 10/13 at Como High School
  • 10/10 at Minnesota State Capital in St. Paul, MN for the Children’s Defense Fund [CDF]
  • 05/27 at Harding High School for the Community Education Awards & event featuring DJ Snuggles and heatherlyn
  • 05/11 at Kline Theater
  • 04/23-26 for PeaceJam with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum of Guatemala
  • 04/06 at FCCLA Conference featuring DJ Snuggles
  • 04/06 at Brooklyn Center High School
  • 02/19 at Bridgeview School in St. Paul, MN**

2009 – >

  • 09/11 at Brooklyn Center High School
  • 8/28 at Red Wing Correctional Facility [Red Wing, MN]****
  • 05/29 at Richfield Community Center/Augsburg Park
  • 05/01 at Red Wing Correctional Facility (Workshop)***
  • 04/25 at Rosedale Mall for GYSD
  • 04/15  at Brooklyn Center (Park) High School
  • 03/30 at Red Wing Correctional Facility (PeaceJam: Day of Peace)**
  • 03/27-29 for PeaceJam with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina
  • 03/28 at Neighborhood House (PeaceJam with Adolfo)
  • 03/05 at MN State Capital Rally (Kelly Inn)
  • 02/27 at Cleveland Middle School in St. Paul**
  • 02/13 at Bridgeview School in St. Paul*
  • 01/27 at Cleveland Middle School in St. Paul*
  • 01/12-13th in Lake Audubon and Pelican Rapids, MN

2008 – >

  • 11/07 at Search Institute Conference (Hyatt)
  • 10/26 at PeaceJam SLAM (Metro State)
  • 08/27  at MN State Capital Rally (MN Votes 4 Kids)
  • 05/02 in Carver Scott County (MN)
  • 04/12 at PeaceJam with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu (North Mpls)
  • 04/09 at NYLC (Mpls Convention Center)
  • 03/08 at Red Wing Correctional Facility (Day of Peace)
  • 03/07 at North High School (Minneapolis)**
  • 01/18 at Ramsey School (Minneapolis)

2007 – >

  • 11/17 for Brooklyn Park Community Center 11/03/2007 at PeaceJam SLAM (Metro State)
  • 10/24 at North High School (Minneapolis)*
  • 09/26 for PeaceJam with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi of Iran featuring Big Quarters
( * )  =  Number of return site visits / stars indicate repeat clients / * = 1, ** =2, etc.
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