MTV’s Coverage of youthrive at PeaceJam


MTV’s Coverage of PeaceJam (feat. youthrive)

We were in Los Angeles the second week of September  at Loyola Marymount.  This is a link to the MTV News Coverage of PeaceJam’s Global Call To Action.

Taylor and Frederick, the youth they interviewed, were 2 of the young people from youthrive.  It was filmed during the Rigoberta Menchu Tum session.

If you look closely, with about 1:14 left in the video, you will see my ear and face on the right side of the screen next to Taylor.  This is the 2nd time the side of my face has been on MTV.  The first was when Toki was on MTV Made.  I haven’t quite managed to get the entire thing on there yet.

I’m so proud of the young people.

–  Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

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