Founder and CEO of Amplified Life, Inc.

Amplified Life

Dear Supporters –

I wanted to share some exciting news with you.  I have finally completed Amplified Life’s formal incorporation process. It was a critically important step in the restructuring of Amplified Life.  In addition to the relatively small addition of the “INC” suffix to our official corporate name, I also signed off on our Articles of Incorporation and assumed my new role as CEO.

For the record, I wasn’t willing to part with the “Founder” portion of my title, and since business people better understand the implications of what being a “CEO” (Chief Executive Officer) means to a company, I will roll with the combination title of “Founder & CEO”.  It may seem like a small detail, but when the stakes are high, no detail is too small to consider.  The aforementioned combination purposefully communicates my passion for starting and finishing projects (Founder) as well as the professional nature of my new duties (CEO).

I won’t lie to you, I nearly chose “President” instead.  I was apprehensive  to claim the title of CEO.  Over the years I’ve come across many people, especially in the entertainment industry, that claimed to be the CEO of something, just because they thought that sounded impressive.  But let me assure you, my title is all business.  When you see it next to my name, you can rest assured that it signifies my eagerness to accept the full responsibilities of my role, and it will also act as a reminder of my preference for professionalism to trump all other trivial concerns.

This update may not be glamorous or sexy, and I know some of you questioned my judgment about declining other projects to focus on this rather tedious process, but so far my strategy has proven effective so I am sticking to my guns.  Thanks for your constructive criticism, enduring love, and unconditional support.  It is never taken for granted.


Larry Lucio Jr.,  Founder & CEO of Amplified Life, Inc.


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