Latinos, Business, and The Arts (Televised Interview)

UPDATE:  Here is the segments featuring Larry Lucio’s interview.  It is a Low-Res version for casual viewing.

Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life will be appearing in the documentary film Latinos, Business, and The Arts.

The series of interviews with Latino executives, listed below, will be televised over the weekend.  Please see the following information after the jump for air times.

TPT has scheduled the premier of the SPNN Latino Executives’ interview program: Latinos, Business & The Arts for Saturday, Feb. 5, at 8:00 pm, on the Minnesota Channel, with some additional air times on the following dates.  You may also check at for other dates and times (on TPT MN CHANNEL 2.2)

  • Saturday, February 5th @ 8:00pm CST
  • Sunday, February 6th @ 2:00 am CST
  • Sunday, February 6th @ 8:00 am CST
  • Sunday, February 6th @ 2:00 pm CST

This program is a collaboration between the Chicano Latino Affairs Council of Minnesota and the Minnesota Humanities Center; it explores the contributions of the Latino community to the economy, arts and culture of Minnesota.  This is a co-production the Humanities Center and CLAC in collaboration with SPNN.

Screen Grab from the TPT Website


Latinos, Business, and The Arts is the second documentary film that we have participated in.

The first aired in November 2010, when Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life was a featured artist in a different documentary film “Latino Arts: A Community Vision” for his work as an artist and promoter of the arts.


IN IT’S ENTIRETY on MN VIDEO VAULT:  Latino Arts in MN: A Documentary Film

This will will air again exactly one hour before the above program.  This documentary was a co-production of the Humanities Center and CLAC in collaboration with tpt.  The broadcast will also occur on the statewide MN Channel.

These broadcasts are seen statewide via all six Minnesota public television stations, over the air free for viewers, as well as on cable services.  Broadcast on the MN Channel are simultaneous – dates and times for the Twin Cities are the same for all other Minnesota stations as well.

The program will be repeated many times in the coming year, statewide, on the MN Channel.  To receive over-the-air broadcasts, viewers will need a digital TV or a digital conversion box.  It will also be generally available to all cable households.

The statewide digital MN Channel showing of the first filmLatino Arts: A Community Vision, is scheduled for:

  • Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 1:00 AM
  • Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 7:00 AM
  • Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 1:00 PM

NOTE: A list of all Minnesota public television stations carrying the MN Channel through their digital services is HERE.

The MPTA includes the six organizations providing PBS television services to the
residents of Minnesota. The information below details where to find the MN Channel.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Area – Twin Cities Public Television
Look for “tptMN”
Broadcast: Channel 2-2
Cable: Comcast channel 202 in Minneapolis and channel 243 in St. Paul;
Mediacom channel 102; Charter channel 396
Satellite: Channel 17-2

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