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Who is the best teen poet/MC in MN?  

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I am taking suggestions for a Minneapolis/St. Paul Hip Hop or Spoken Word artist for inclusion on a compilation being backed by Verizon Wireless and produced out of Los Angeles.  It is based on an initiative where teens talk to each other about healthy/unhealthy relationships.  I already have recommendations in mind, but it seemed prudent to seek input from the community to ensure that the Twin Cities is repped by the best possible candidate on this national project.

The majority of you that I would recommend for this happen to be ineligible because there is an age requirement (teen: 16-19) but, I am open to suggestions for the BEST act you know that would qualify.

I don’t need a list of random teen poets.   Please pick one and point me in the right direction?


3 responses to “Verizon Backed Compilation

    • yes. but it’s not exactly an open call. i am looking for 1, maybe 2-3 artists to recommend, and one of them will be chosen by the project’s producer.
      but let’s talk about it for sure.
      – Larry

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