Danami Kickstarter Update #3: We Reached $1,000+

From Danami:

We recently reached $1,150 towards our goal. We’re very happy that people are still pledging. I guess it’s true slow and steady wins the race. With that attitude we’re bound to reach the goal if not surpass it.  I’ve been reading tons of Kickstarter Tips and Tricks to help find that one method of successfully funding your goal. In fact the only methods I’ve found was the current methods I’m already applying or have applied. 

Reality check for myself, we’re at a good place and things are going fine. Keep the faith and you’ll be alright. With that said, I’m pumped to tell more friends and family about this project. I encourage you to please do the same and share this project with your peeps:  http://kck.st/pI8XYW

If you want to see the rest of Danami’s updates, login with your Facebook account at Kickstarter, make a pledge, and start receiving exclusive news, music, and other cool stuff.

Thanks for reading,

Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

Danami Kickstarter Campaign (Image #2)

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